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Hospital Stays Longer for Diabetics

There have been many articles about people with diabetes staying in hospital longer for non diabetic related illnesses. This is due to a higher risk of infections. The latest article talks about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and is quite interesting However sometimes the hospitals and doctors can be over cautious when dealing with diabetics. I have had a couple of personal experiences with hospitals, mainly when I was pregna...  

New Research

I received the newsletter from JDRF and the main article was about new research indicating some people with type 1 still produce their own insulin after diagnosis. The results of the research offer the hope that, in future, it might be possible to encourage a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes patient’s own beta cells to reproduce as a means of replacing those being destroyed by the disease. The development of such a therapy could mean that some patients with type 1 diabetes would be able to p...