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BBC Radio Manchester

Today I appeared on BBC Radio Manchester on the Heather Stott show, telling listeners about the DF Diary iPhone app and the website. It was really interesting going to a radio show, though no glitz and glamour! Mainly waiting for your slot then in and out. I new I only had 5 minutes and new this would not be enough for all the things I wanted to say, but hopefully I managed to say what the app is meant to do... Talking of the app we are due an update of the food database this week, this will...  

Hate having a cold!!

With a runny nose and a tickly cough that makes me feel like I just want to go back to bed, there is only one thing for it ... go back to bed!!!! That's how I felt for the most of last week, I am feeling less sorry for myself today as I only have a few aching muscles! I hate having a cold, the worst is feeling that my sugars are too high. The other morning I woke up with them being 17, 17 there NEVER that high, I even checked before I went to bed and they were 8.2, I definitely blame the cold. ...