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Didn’t do as well as expected!

January has been a very long month and I haven't done as well as I wanted when I blogged at the beginning of Jan! These were my promises/aims: 1. No Desserts or Fizzy Drinks 2. Make lunches 4 out of 5 days 3. Exercise - 2 bike rides 4. Move my 30 day blood average from 8.9 to 7.0 5. Lose weight - from 10 stone 7 to 10 stone This is where I am and some reasons (excuses!) for not acheiveing my objectives: 1. No Desserts or Fizzy drinks. The first week of this was very hard who can not hav...  

Young Diabetics Struggle To Get Good Night’s Sleep

I was looking for some interesting news articles and found this one that was quite interesting: New research finds that many young people with type 1 diabetes struggle to get a good night's sleep and this leads to increased health and behavior problems, such as poorer control of blood sugar and worsening of academic performance. You can read a scientific paper on the findings by lead investigator Dr Michelle Perfect from the University of Arizona at Tucson, and colleagues, in the January's ...  

Christmas is over and I have a plan of action!!!

This was my first Christmas with my Pump and I think I was a little complacent! I have always tried to be relatively good at Christmas time but have always eaten well – it is after all only once a year! However this Christmas seemed to have started earlier, I think I was over indulging at the start of December. Before the pump I always knew I had to inject if I was to eat something however there were times over Christmas that I forgot to tell the pump what I was eating or quite easily not cou...