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My Poor Cat

It has been a very difficult month and this has been reflected in my levels. My poor cat managed to find it's way home at the beginning of the month after being shot by a pellet gun at least 6 times! He was in a very bad way. The second day we were at the vets and he realised he had in fact been shot rather than attached by a fox, which is what we originally thought, was terrible. He shown us the x rays where you could see all six pellets - one in his skull. It's a miracle he is still alive, ...  

Diabetes Warning on White Rice

This article was in the daily express this morning - please let me know what you think. REGULARLY eating white rice can increase the risk of developing diabetes, experts warned last night. The staple food, eaten by millions of Britons every day, raises the chance of getting type 2 ¬≠diabetes, which is linked to obesity and poor diet. The average Briton consumes nearly 10lb of rice a year, mainly as an accompaniment to curry. And 95 per cent of the ¬£900million of rice sold is the white v...  

BBC News: Diabetes amputation rates show huge regional variation

I always new the risk of amputations but it's hard to digest that its another postcode lottery. This article written by Adam Brimelow for BBC news was punlished today and shows some scary statistics! Amputation rates for diabetes patients are 10 times higher in some parts of England than in others, according to a study. Researchers say the figures highlight the importance of ensuring the right specialist care. The findings coincide with an NHS report putting the annual cost of diabete...