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DRWF Conference

I went to the DRWF (Diabetes Research Wellness Foundation) Spring Conference on Saturday 21st April. The Diabetes Spring Conference (DSC) was held at the Medway campus of the University of Grenwich in Kent. The DSC is a unique partnership event aimed at bringing together patient groups, research scientists and academics, clinicians and other practitioners, policy makers, charities and the general public with an interest in diabetes. The theme for the even...  

My Pump Broke

It wasn't a great start to the week, I woke up Monday morning and needed to change the cartridge in my insulin pump. I got the vial ready and set the pump to change cartridge so the piston would retract. The piston did retract but when I took the empty vile out the end bit of the vial stayed in. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but its happened to me 3 times. If it stays in you cannot get the full vial in so you have to pock around to get the bit out. So I pocked about and manage...  

New Diabetes Care Standards Introduced

I have always been really happy with my diabetic care, but there are many people who do not get the care they need. I found this article this morining about the intriduction of care standards for children and young people with diabetes - it's a good start. From today every child and young person with diabetes in England can expect an improvement in their level of care as a landmark funding agreement for paediatric diabetes services comes into force. Set by paediatric doctors, nurses and co...