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I went to the INPUT roadshow at the weekend in Chester. INPUT promote insulin pump therapy and CGM. The roadshow was attended by the major insulin pump providers: Animas Cellnovo Roche Ypsomed (Omnipod) Abbott Medtronic It was really interesting to see the different pumps and was impressed by Cellnovo but this is a new pump that is still under development but looks amazing. If you want to know more about a pump and how to get a pump got to the next roadshow event in Nottingham on ...  


A report warns less than half of people with diabetes get the basic minimum care Diabetes care in England is in a "state of crisis" with less than half of people with the condition getting the basic minimum care, a new report warns. According to the State of the Nation 2012 report, published by Diabetes UK, there are some areas where just 6% of people with diabetes are getting the regular checks and services recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice)...  

Abstracts from the DRWF Spring Conference

The DRWF spring conference saw a lot of speakers but there was also some abstracts at the back of the guide that I read and they were very interesting. So I thought I would share: Please click here to view the abstracts DRWF You may not find all of them useful but they were on: Diabetes in The Middles East: Perspectives and the role of the IDF in diabetes prevention and education Potential replacement of Metfor...