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Pregnancy Diary Week 14!

It has been a horrible couple of weeks but I now feel human again! I got an ear infection while on holiday, I have never had any problems with my ears before and can not beleive the amount of pain I was in. I went to the doctors when I got back and he gave me a spray and said I am OK to take paracetomol while pregnant. This is what I did for a whole week and the pain never went away my ear was really swollen but because it was an outer ear infection I didn't lose my balance - I try to look at...  

Baby Number Two is on its way :)

I was delighted when my husband and I decided we would go for baby number 2. It took 7 months this time before I got a positive result, but I do think my body was telling me something: Before getting pregnant I hadn't realised how much weight I had put on, so when I had my diabetic check up in February it was suprise that my HBa1C was 8.1!!! This is the highest it had been, I then looked at myself and realised maybe I had been eating too much and not exercising. I then weighed myself and I...