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Nutritional facts for people with Diabetes

Azmina Govindji is a media spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and NHS Choices, and has been interviewed numerous times on television, radio, and in print media.

Lose weight for good!

Lose weight for good!

Published on the 2nd Jan, 2013 by Azmina

You don’t need me to tell you which foods are fattening; you probably already know that. You don’t need me to tell you to cut down on your portion size – you know that too. But you might not know what makes you reach for unhealthy foods, and what gets in the way of you keeping to your goals – that’s where I come in!

I’m a believer in the slow and steady approach to weight loss, and the more success I have in he


World Diabetes Day: The 10% Factor

Published on the 13th Nov, 2012 by Azmina

Do you have Type 2 diabetes? If you’re overweight, losing only 10% of your weight could make a major contribution to your blood glucose levels and improving the quality of your long-term health.

There’s good evidence to suggest that a moderate weight loss of 5–10% of body weight will have a major impact on the long-term complications of obesity. Weight reductions of 5-10 kg have been shown to improve back and joint pain, and symptoms of brea


Five a day made easy

Five a day made easy
Published on the 4th Aug, 2012 by Azmina

I regularly get asked about what counts as a portion of fruit and veg. It seems there’s still a lot of confusion out there. So, I decided to create some simple photographs to show you what a portion looks like. As you’ll see, it’s generally a handful – children need smaller portions, and conveniently they have smaller hands!

For all the pictures please visit


Azmina is a qualified nutritionist, having graduated with an Honours degree in Nutrition at Kings College, University of London. She studied further to obtain her postgraduate qualification in Dietetics, and is a fully registered dietitian with the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and the Health Professions Council. Before starting her own nutrition business, Azmina worked as a therapeutic dietitian in a number of London-based hospitals. She took on the significant role as Chief Dietitian to Diabetes UK for 8 years, between 1987 and 1995, where she acted as National Consultant on diet and diabetes for health professionals, food manufacturers, the media and the general public.

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