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Are you an emotional eater?

Are you an emotional eater?
Published on the 27th Feb, 2012 by Azmina

Which fits for you:

The only thing I can’t resist is temptation! Food is a comfort to me.
Some days, when I’m feeling a tad under the weather or down in the dumps, I reach for the unhealthy snacks.
Mostly, I eat when I’m hungry.
Striking up a healthy and balanced relationship with food is a positive thing. To eat consciously and enjoy each mouthful is an art in itself and the occasional overindulgence is fine too. Mainly, get to know your body so that you stop when you feel full.

Food fills a physical hunger but no amount of eating will fill an emotional hunger. If your emotional cravings are for positive feelings, dig deep as to how you can meet the underlying cause of the root problem. Often, this comes down to feeling negative about yourself. Invest time and effort in the process of making friends with yourself. Treat yourself as you would like others to.

Become a conscious eater

Becoming aware of how and what you eat immediately puts you in control of your diet rather than vice versa. Start by making eating an occasion – even if it’s just a mid-morning snack. Always use a plate, sit down at a table and really think about the food in front of you. The speed at which you eat is also important. Slow down and put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls. Finally be a neater eater. Focusing on what’s on your plate and eating slowly gets your brain in gear and gives it time to receive the signals from the stomach which say ‘I’m full… it’s time to stop’.

Eating slowly may help you lose weight.

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