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Pregnancy Diaries - Week 32

I have not posted about the pregnancy since I was 14 weeks. Second time around and it was difficult, dealing with the pregnancy, a Toddler and type 1 diabetes!

My sugars for conception were great, in the sixes, but during the pregnancy they got in the high sevens!

There were small thing that happened early on like feeling sick and getting bad back pain but the beginning of the end started at 32 weeks, I contracted a chest and lung infection and to fight this the doctor had to give me stero


Survey for Accessories for people with Type 1 Diabetes


I am planning on doing a small amount of research into the desire of accessories for type 1 diabetes.

Having had Diabetes since I was 18 *now 25* I am pretty bored of the equipment I use and have constructed a very short 10 question market research questionnaire I would love this community to respond to.

Please visit the URL below by copy and pasting it into your web browser to answer the questions – It will take you 5 minutes *MAX* and could even give you something exciting to use


Pregnancy Diary Week 14!

It has been a horrible couple of weeks but I now feel human again!

I got an ear infection while on holiday, I have never had any problems with my ears before and can not beleive the amount of pain I was in. I went to the doctors when I got back and he gave me a spray and said I am OK to take paracetomol while pregnant. This is what I did for a whole week and the pain never went away my ear was really swollen but because it was an outer ear infection I didn’t lose my balance – I try to look at

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