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Another new driving licence

I had to apply for my drivers licence again, luckily the DVLA wrote to me the the forms I needed to fill out. If they hadn’t I may have forgotten – a great reason to make sure you keep the DVLA informed of your address!!

I always find the questions on hypo’s a bit stressful as I never know what to put, but I think the main thing for me is I have never needed any help while driving. The application went OK and I received my new driving licence this morning. I know there’s some new EU guidelines that may start to affect us, so I thought this summary would be useful to blog about:

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have announced they are to rewrite driving licence application forms due to worries that drivers with diabetes could lose their licence after the introduction of new European rules regarding hypoglycaemic episodes.

The agency are to work with people suffering from diabetes, as well as the charity Diabetes UK, to alleviate concerns over the new European directive that diabetics must report two or more severe hypo episodes within 12 months, which could mean their Group 1 licence being revoked.

The definition of the word ‘severe’ is thought to be debatable, especially with many hypo episodes being treatable with just a quick snack.

A working group to review the matter has been set up, and representatives of Diabetes UK, including its chief executive Barbara Young, have met with both the Transport Minister Mike Penning and DVLA to assess how the new directive will impact drivers with diabetes. The charity has also offered advice on ways of improving information available to diabetics and healthcare professionals about the driving licence application and renewal process.

The DVLA have agreed that they make the forms more clear about how severe a hypo must be before it has to be declared by the end of January 2012, as well as providing details on a monthly basis regarding the number of people with diabetes having their licences revoked.