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Baby Number Two is on its way :)

I was delighted when my husband and I decided we would go for baby number 2. It took 7 months this time before I got a positive result, but I do think my body was telling me something:

Before getting pregnant

I hadn’t realised how much weight I had put on, so when I had my diabetic check up in February it was suprise that my HBa1C was 8.1!!! This is the highest it had been, I then looked at myself and realised maybe I had been eating too much and not exercising. I then weighed myself and I was nearly 11 stone again the highest I had been – there is deffinetly corrolation between the two figures. My diabetic specialist told me that it would be best to get my figures in the 7s before I concevived but not to worry too much of I didn’t.

From then to September I managed to lose a stone and half and weigh 9.5 stone which is now nearly back to my wedding weight (what more could a girl wish for!). Even though 7 months isn’t a long time I did start to feel it was never going to happen. The day finally came when I got the perfect news – a positive result.

It was good because the week after I found out I was seeing my Diabetic consultant. My HbA1c had gone down to 50% (6.7 in old money!!!) my cholestoral was 4.1 and my good cholestoiral had gone up to 2.0 so he was exremely please and I couldn’t stop grinning I was very pleased with what I had acheived and felt confident about the pregnancy.

I am now 12 weeks and am just about feeling ‘normal’ again! I have felt so tired and have been sick this time too, last time I couldn’t tell I was pregnant!

This time I will be on the insulin pump rather than injections so it will be complety different, last time my insulin requirements more than doubled so wonder what will happen this time – I will keep you all posted….