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Back at work & more insulin needed…

I have now been back at work full time for 5 weeks after taking 6 months off with the little one! I thought being back at work would mean I would exercise more, when I say exercise I mean walk fast in and out of the office! In my old job I used to get up from my desk and talk to different departments so it kept me out of my seat for a while. Whereas in my new role I have been pretty much sat at a desk all day. This has meant a steady increase in my levels. It was only this week that I thought properly about it, so Monday I increased my night time insulin to 20 from 18. It has been 20 before but looking after the baby seemed to reduce what I needed.

So back up to 20 at night, I will see how that pans out but it certainly feels better.

I haven’t been to the gym as promised, in fact I am just about finding time to work & look after the child. I am sure I will get time soon, but now it’s Summer we will be able to go out at the weekend as a family. In fact this weekend we went for a walk around the local water park – the sun was shining and getting out of the house felt great., and Yes I did treat myself to an ice-cream. It was very tasty but I did carb count and gave myself an extra shot of novorapid.

I have been working on posters for this weekend as I have a stand at the DRWF Wellness Day at Greenwich University Campus. There are planned talks about Healthy Eating, the Gi index, Easter and talks from healthcare professionals. I hope you can make it, for those who can not I will gather as much information as possible.

Until next time