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Back on my health kick…

I am officially back on my health kick and need to lose a few pounds, it turns out I have put on half astone since Christmas! I now feel very comfortable with the pump and know what I need to do if I am eating less than normal. Last week was the start of the new regime and I have had to reduce my basal rate by 0.1 every hour, this is because of eating less so it all makes sense I am going to try and exercise this week too so that will be interesting. I am still trying to monitor myself more to see if my basal rate needs changing. My levels I think have been more constant, certainly less highs – the weekly stats are:

Normal 46% (last time 44%)
High 27% (last time 43%)
Low 27% (last time 13%)

I am really pleased with the reduction in highs and I think the increase in lows is due to the healthy eating thing! So all in all really pleased with the change in results.

The pump is therefore doing me good and if I can lose the weight I have put on since christmas I will be much happier. Putting on weight does worry me that my cholesterol will go up and I really want to go on more medication if I can help it.

Talking about Cholesterol I found an interesting article about the links between insulin and cholesterol

I will keep you updated on how I cope with adjusting the pump while I’m losing some punds!

Until next time xxx