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Being a Mum!

I thought once I had given birth that my sugars would be back under control and the hard part of keeping an eye on them was gone. How wrong I was, I am actually finding it harder now, dealing with a new born baby than coping when I was pregnant.

When I was pregnant the I had to keep a close eye on my levels and gradually increase my insulin intake as the pregnancy progressed, I found this relatively easy. Now that the baby is here I have never had so many hypos and such erratic readings.

There have been times that I have been so tired I have forgotten to take my night-time insulin, I have then tried to correct this in the morning by taking a little of it with breakfast. The other problem is taking insulin for the food you are going to eat but not being able to finish the food because the baby cries and needs something.

The baby is now 6 weeks and I am starting to find it easier. He is sleeping for longer (6 hours at night) rather than taking short naps so I am not as tired and therefore I am not forgetting to take my night-time insulin. Once I have given myself insulin for food I can make sure I finish the food as I feel more comfortable leaving him crying for 5 minutes!

It was also very strange going back to my old regime after taking so much insulin whilst I was pregnant, I have a check up in a couple of weeks, I think my HbA1c will be high. I will not worry about it though as I know it’s a small glitch and they will steady once I get used to looking after me and the baby.