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Christmas is over and I have a plan of action!!!

This was my first Christmas with my Pump and I think I was a little complacent! I have always tried to be relatively good at Christmas time but have always eaten well – it is after all only once a year! However this Christmas seemed to have started earlier, I think I was over indulging at the start of December.
Before the pump I always knew I had to inject if I was to eat something however there were times over Christmas that I forgot to tell the pump what I was eating or quite easily not count the carbs properly! This meant waking in the night a few times going to the toilet, after the third toilet stop I realised my levels were high – yes they were in there 20s correctional dose needed. This happened twice over the Christmas break and makes you feel rubbish the next day.
On the whole I think I did OK, but could have done better!
2012 is now here and I plan to get my HbA1c back down to the mid 6s and to lose 10 pounds. The plan:
Food – No desserts (including chocolate) or fizzy drinks. I don’t eat desserts a lot but I do still have a sweet tooth. This starts today and seems to be going well.
Lunch – I started a new job and have found a cafe round the corner but I must stop picking so the plan is to make Lunches in January the plan is everyday but I figured this can go down to 4 out of 5 in Feb.
Exercise – this is where I find time a big issue. I now work 45/50 mins from work so cannot go to the gym before or after work. I think the main aim for Jan is to ensure we go for some family bike rides – I will aim for 2. I know it doesn’t seem a lot but there’s no point aiming for something I will not achieve.
Today 31 Jan 2012 28 Feb 2012
30 Day Ave Bloods 8.9 7.0 6.7
Weight 10 Stone 7 lbs 10 Stone 9 Stone 10 lbs

I have also crept up to 56% of my readings being high.

If there’s anyone who wants to share their aims for 2012 please post or let me know at

Wish me luck and all the best 2012.