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DAFNE Courses

I was talking to someone the other day who had just been on a DAFNE type course in Trafford Manchester and she loved it. I have always been really good at carb counting and was told when I was diagnosed that this is how my diabetes should be managed and didn’t think there was any other way of doing it! After talking to people it soon became clear that some people give themselves the same amount of insulin each day so they could not experiment with food. This is what this lady was doing and going on this course gave her a better understanding and she now looks at the carbs in food and changes the amount of insulin she takes.

I gave her the website details and is finding the database useful, which I am really pleased about.

If you are not carb counting speak to your consultant and see if you can get on a course near you – it may help you.

Remember the site also has lots of foods carbs values so please take a look.