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Didn’t do as well as expected!

January has been a very long month and I haven’t done as well as I wanted when I blogged at the beginning of Jan! These were my promises/aims:
1. No Desserts or Fizzy Drinks
2. Make lunches 4 out of 5 days
3. Exercise – 2 bike rides
4. Move my 30 day blood average from 8.9 to 7.0
5. Lose weight – from 10 stone 7 to 10 stone

This is where I am and some reasons (excuses!) for not acheiveing my objectives:
1. No Desserts or Fizzy drinks. The first week of this was very hard who can not have all those left over chocolates from Christmas, was I meant to throw them away? May be I should have but I didn’t this meant the first week I didn’t do this but since all the goodies were eaten I have not bought anymore desserts. I have not been drinking fizzy drinks at work. But have had the odd diet coke at home.

So this is a reasonable start and will continue to have no fizzy drinks at work and still no purchases of desserts at home or in work.

2. I have made at least 4 out of 5 lunches. So again I will continue in this vain – I actually quite like it.

3. Bike Rides, I was meant to go for 2. Have you seen the weather? There was no chance I was able to go on a bike ride this month, the weather has been awful, I have however been to the local pay as you go gym twice.

I don’t mind the local pay as you go gym but it’s no David Lloyd – but I will continue to go. I have been able to go before work, so when my husband can drop the little one off at day care I go to the gym near work.

4. 30 day average is 8.0 so I have got this down from 8.9 but not to 7.0. Will continue to get this down in Feb.

5.Weight – Ok so i have only lost 2 pounds but I do feel my sugars are more constant and feel much better in myself and finding I am having more energy. I will really try and get to 10 stone this month. Hopedully increasing the exercise in the week will help.

6. I have reduced the 56% high blood readings to 50%, I would like to get this down but think that I test when they are high so will always be a high figure. What does everyone else think?

So that’s me, as a whole January has been a great month but better for sitting on the sofa rather than a nice bike ride in the park.

The pump is still going well and will plan to get my next HbA1c in Feb so I need to work hard over the next few weeks for it to make a difference.

I am really enjoying my new job even though the commute is more but I think with finding the local gym I will start to be able to exercise more which will make me feel better.

Will keep you all posted and have a great day.