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Don’t let it stop you!

I was talking to friends over the weekend about holidays I want to go on over the next couple of years, and mentioned about going on safari and crossing south Africa. They looked at me and said surely I couldn’t do that now I was diabetic! These were friends and they didn’t even know the facts! I went on to tell them as long as I am fit and healthy I can do everything I could do before I was diagnosed.

I then went on to mention a few famous people like Steve Redgrave and Andrew Lloyd Webber who have carried on with their own personal goals whilst living with diabetes. It just reminded me that everyone needs to remember that no matter what your condition (health permitted) you should continue to try and achieve your goals and ambitions. Don’t let anyone put you off, you may need to plan a bit more. Make sure you have enough medication and try and understand how your diabetes will be affected.

Diabetes will not stop me doing the things I want to achieve – even if it takes me longer!