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DRWF Conference

I went to the DRWF (Diabetes Research Wellness Foundation) Spring Conference on Saturday 21st April. The Diabetes Spring Conference (DSC) was held at the Medway campus of the University of Grenwich in Kent. The DSC is a unique partnership event aimed at bringing together patient groups, research scientists and academics, clinicians and other practitioners, policy makers, charities and the general public with an interest in diabetes.

The theme for the event was Diabetes Management, Prevention and Education: What Works? – How Can we Scale-Up Cost-effective Multi-disciplinary, Multi-sectoral Approaches?

I thought the event was a huge success infact this is the second year running I have attended. I met some great people who live with diabetes and nurses who care for people with diabetes. I especially liked the talk about “What The Dog Nose But Can’t Tell You!”, this was about training and living with a diabetes sniffer dog. I was speaking to a lady who was waiting 18 months for a dog and know she has one it has changed her life. She stopped having hypo symtoms so would just collopse wither at home cooking dinner or out and about in traffic, so the dog has really made a huge difference to her life. Please visit their website for more information, but they are such a great cause. I know if my hypo awareness went I would want a dog, but the waiting list is about 4 years as it costs thousands to train!

Another talk which is always inspirational was “Getting t Grips With GI” Diabetes and The Glycaemic Index by Azmina. Even though I know about GI and how to manage my Diabetes by Carb Counting it’s always good to have a refresher – Azmina’s website is a great source of nutritional information.

I also met a lady called Lesley from INPUT, INPUT is an independent, not-for-profit organisation run by insulin pump users and their families to raise awareness of diabetes technology – including insulin pump therapy – in the UK. Not everyone needs technology, and not all clinics are familiar with it. This website will tell you what is available in the UK, who can get it, and how to get it. I was very lucky getting my pump and meeting people like Lesley makes me realise how many people want the pump but do not have access!

Other interesting exhibitions were:
Diabetes Research Network
Diabetes UK
The Paula Carr Trust
Jubilee Sailing Trust

Thanks to Lee and all the team at DRWF for organising this event it was really useful. DRWF do various conferences and events throughout the year so please visit their website for more information, I know I will be trying to attend more events.