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General Foot Care Advice for People with Diabetes (Low Risk Foot)

We always need to take care of our feet but the cold weather it’s even more important – here is some advice I have been given from my healthcare team…

Footwear – Always wear well fitting shoes and have your feet measured

- Badly fitting shoes can cause blisters, corns and calluses.

- Avoid high heels and narrow fitting shoes.

- A good shoe will have a lace strap and cushioning sole to give your feet support and protection.

- Make sure socks, stockings and tights are a good fit too.

- Where ever possible wear natural fibres such as leather, cotton and wool.

Wash feet daily – use warm water and soap to keep feet clean.

- Pay particular attention to between the toes.

Dry feet carefully – use a soft towel or tissue.

- Dry carefully between toes.

- This will help to prevent infections such as ‘athlete’s foot’.

Cut and file nails – keep nails short and neat.

- Cut nails with a gentle curve rather than straight across – follow the shape of the end of the toe.

- Smooth off rough edges with file or emery board.

- Avoid cutting them too short and never dog down the sides of nails as this can cause damage.

- Always use the right equipment.

Apply cream – apply to areas of dry skin each day to keep it soft and supple.

- Use your favourite foot cream or a general moisturising cream such as E45.

- Avoid putting cream between the toes as it can make the skin too soft and soggy.

Skin and nail problems – if you have problems with hard skin or difficult nails you must get help and advice from a registered podiatrist/chiropodist.

- Do not treat yourself with knives or corn treatments containing acids as these can cause you unnecessary damage.

- Make sure private podiatrists/chiropodists are registered with the ‘Health Professionals Council’ (HPC)