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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. Welcome to all the new users that have registered over the Christmas period. This New Years Eve was the quietest I have had, with a takeaway and a couple of glasses of wine with the family. It was great.

I have found it harder getting my sugars under control now that the baby is here than I did when I was pregnant. When I was pregnant my insulin requirements went up and that was easy to control. However now that I am looking after the baby I have occasionally forgotten my night-time insulin that means I am going high during the day, I also seem to give myself too much insulin so have more lows than I have ever had! It’s all a big learning curve; I think now Christmas is over I can get into a routine with the baby.

The main thing to remember is I need to be okay so if I need to eat then do so, I will be no good to baby Steel if I have a big hypo!

Hope everyone have a great 2010.

Until next time x