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Hospital Stays Longer for Diabetics

There have been many articles about people with diabetes staying in hospital longer for non diabetic related illnesses. This is due to a higher risk of infections. The latest article talks about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and is quite interesting

However sometimes the hospitals and doctors can be over cautious when dealing with diabetics. I have had a couple of personal experiences with hospitals, mainly when I was pregnant.

I was in one afternoon due to the babies heartbeat being erratic, as I was only expecting to have a regular check up I didn’t plan to be there long. They gave me a large white bread roll for lunch, and I ended up giving myself a little too much insulin so needed to ask for a glass of orange. Once everyone new everything was fine with the baby they still wanted to keep me in to check my levels as I had a hypo. I explained why I had the hypo and I am better at home dealing with my diabetes. The doctor had no idea why he wanted to keep me in but I felt he didn’t know much and diabetes and he was being safe. As I new about my own health I was able to persuade him to let me home. I was more likely to get back to normal in my home environment rather then the hospital.

I think more doctors and nurses need to be aware of what diabetes is and how to treat the condition.

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