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I can not imagine being without my Pump!

Even though it has only been 5 weeks I can not imagine life without my pump! I am now back to wearing everything I used to even those skinny jeans and dresses which means I now don’t think its affecting me negatively. I have now finally got my prescription from the GP they did however at first removed the my novorapid pen and replaced with the novorapid pen. When I spoke to them I said I needed the vile – her reply was “are you sure this is what you want its a rather old rashioned way of administering insulin” i got rather short with her as I had already explained I was a new pump user. Anyway after another 30 minute conversation my prescription was right and I now have spare viles.

I promised last week to get my within range percentage higher and my highs lower – I have just about managed it:
Within Range 44% (last week 32%)
High 43% (last week 45% – only just but atleast a bit better)
Low 13% (last week 23%)

My excuse is when they are high I test regularly afterwards to make sure they are going down, I also went to a 1st birthday party at the weekend where my 18 month old was given cakes and he ate half and gave the rest to me!!! What was great at the party was not needing to pull my trousers down to inject.

I now also know what I need when out and about so always keep with me a new cannula and insulin just incase especially with the little one as he sometimes tries to pull it out. This doesn’t hurt its just a bit frustrating.