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Injecting and Stretchmarks

I was at the doctors Friday with a pain in my stomach where I have stretchmarks from having my 12 week old baby. The pain was just the nerves repairing themselves and nothing to worry about. What was interesting was the discussion we had about my stretchmarks. I was lucky really and only got stretchmarks either side of my belly, however the left side is much more swollen than the other. It turns out the reason why I have stretchmarks on either side is because this is my main injection sites (or was). Due to the amount of needles going into the skin on this part of my belly it had made the elasticity of the skin weaker. The doctor said imagine a stretched  elastic band that had been stabbed Рyou would see where it was weaker. This was also why my left hand side was worse and more swollen as I would have injected more on this side.

I wish I would have known about this a year before I got pregnant as i would have stopped injecting there, it may have helped a little! Obviously i don’t know whether the swelling I have now would have been less but it would have given me a fighting chance.

So if you are thinking about getting pregnant it may be worth changing your injection sites.