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January is already feeling like a long month…

What a rubbish start to the week I had last week. I had already eaten my tea and given myself enough insulin, but around about 9pm I thought I would eat that last bit of chocolate in the fridge. So I ate all three pieces and very tasty it was, so when I was going to bed at 10pm I thought I had better give myself insulin for the chocolate as well as my levemir. So like a good diabetic this is what I did, however straight after I thought may be I should just check what my BS are. They were 2.3……… I must admit I panicked a little I was home alone with the baby and just thought I really need to eat some sugar. I heated some milk and put a tablespoon of sugar in and drank it quickly. Then had a cup of tea and some digestive biscuits. At this point I figured if I was high in the night that would be better than low. I woke up in the morning and tested at 8.8 so all ended up OK in the end.

I have stayed exactly the same weight even with killing myself a couple of times at the gym – it may be the sneaky bits of chocolate I ate – but it is now all definitely finished from the Christmas stash!

Apart from earlier on on the week sugars have been good – so even though no weight lost I am happy with my sugar levels. I suppose you can’t have everything…

Until next time xxx