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Managing the Psychological Impact of Diabetes

Many people find it hard coping with their diagnosis, whether that is type 1 or type 2 there are many things that will have to change. Some people can take this in their stride and make small changes that will make a difference but for a lot of people they find it hard to come to terms with their diagnosis.

I have been asked about what I think about how being diagnosed with diabetes has affected me and it can be hard. I, like most people have ups and downs. I wouldn’t know where to start talking about the psychological impact of this diagnosis, but I do know someone who does. Dr Jen Nash runs workshops about this - The date of the next event is Saturday 10th July 2010, 10am-4pm at the Cavendish Conference Venue in Oxford Circus, Central London, W1

During the workshop you will:

1. Identify the barriers that are preventing you from achieving better control over your diabetes.

2. Learn some practical actions you can take right away to put an end to feeling out of control

3. Learn how your thinking patterns are at the root of your experiences of diabetes-related stress

4. Devise your own personalised ‘Positive Diabetes Action Plan’

5. Learn and share experiences from a group of other delegates with diabetes -

6. Take advantage of ongoing support from Dr. Jen Nash