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My Poor Cat

It has been a very difficult month and this has been reflected in my levels.

My poor cat managed to find it’s way home at the beginning of the month after being shot by a pellet gun at least 6 times! He was in a very bad way. The second day we were at the vets and he realised he had in fact been shot rather than attached by a fox, which is what we originally thought, was terrible. He shown us the x rays where you could see all six pellets – one in his skull. It’s a miracle he is still alive, the Vet said it was the worse case of animal cruelty he had seen. When we were driving back home by sugars dropped to 2.2, my husband had to stop at the CO-OP to get me a lucozade, as you all know I always keep something with me but I was in such a state I didn’t even bother taking my bag.

This really has been the story of the week, as its been highs and lows with the cat, someone has got arrested which is amazing but the cat had to have another operation. He seems very well now and the only thing we need to worry about is his broken paw, but because he is still really just a kitten (11 months) he should be fine. The broken paw should heal it self and he should go back to normal. I am so please the cat still has a very good temperament as my little noy loves playing with him.

We were in the paper – for the full story click here.

I now do not have the cast as an excuse – I will get back on track and start to eat better and get the all important exercise i need.

I must admit it is better to think about exercise now the weather is better :)