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My Pump Broke

It wasn’t a great start to the week, I woke up Monday morning and needed to change the cartridge in my insulin pump. I got the vial ready and set the pump to change cartridge so the piston would retract. The piston did retract but when I took the empty vile out the end bit of the vial stayed in. I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem but its happened to me 3 times. If it stays in you cannot get the full vial in so you have to pock around to get the bit out. So I pocked about and managed to get the jammed bit unstuck but then the piston would not go back in. It had obviously got jammed.

I phoned the accu-check careline who were fantastic they first tried to get it working but once it was obvious nothing was going to work she ordered me a new pump, explaining I would have to re sync with my meter. It was sent recorded next day delivery – I can’t expect anything more than that.

My problem was I only had spare novorapid pens, I took this to work and checked my levels every 1 to 2 hours, meaning I could get reasonable control. I phoned my GP for an emergency prescription, even though Llevemir was not on my repeat presciption anymore as I had them previous they were more than happy to do this for me. This meant when I got home I was able to take some Llevemir as well.

It was very strange injecting the main difference was sleeping, it was actually nice to have a night off the pump!!! But saying that I am very excited to have a nice new shiney one today.

If you are on the pump don’t do what I did and wait until it breaks make sure you have your rapid and long term insulin in and its in date!!!!

If anyone else does have problems with part of the vile staying in their pump let me know – I am interested to see if it’s just me!

Have a great day.