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News Round 3/4/11

This week I have found a couple of articles relating to a a new study by scientists at the Joslin Diabetes Center in the USA. It has revealed that some patients suffering from type 1 diabetes have certain unidentified factors that significantly reduce their risk of developing complications, and which can even stop them from ever happening.

The research, published in the journal Diabetes Care, shows that some diabetes type 1 patients could have a protective mechanism that allows them to avoid the complications generally associated with their condition, such as heart problems, blindness, kidney disease and nerve damage. Although not relevant for all Diabetics if we manage our blood sugars well it give us hope that maybe complications may not arise.

As well as the physical side effects there are also the mental pressures of coping with Diabetes and the following link is a good check to see whether there any underlying issues you hadn’t realised were there.

The main thing for me is being able to talk to friends & family openly about how I am feeling – they are a great sounding board, but I know I am lucky! x