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News Roundup 10/4/11

There was research out in America this week that said a high BMI as a child can lead to type 2 diabetes, however if a young adult was to reduce their BMI this risk decreases. I am perplexed that this is still news as I thought we were all fully aware of this. However looking at the statistics of over weight children it may be that I am wrong, looks like the thing we need to do is educate children to enjoy a healthier lifestyle…

In fact most of the news this week has been from America. The Sanford Project, headquartered in Sioux Fall, South Dakota, has begun clinical trials on people just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The project, which has the aim of researching and hopefully curing type 1 diabetes, is currently recruiting patients for study, particularly those who are between 11 and 45 and have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes within the last six months.
Alex Rabinovitch, lead research on the trial and associate director of The Sanford Project, commented “The objective of this clinical trial (research study) is to determine if the combination of two medications can rescue the few beta cells that remain soon after the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes; and whether new beta cells can even be regenerated.” The drugs under review are sitagliptin (Januvia) and lansoprazole.
He added “The investigational combinations of these medications could possibly allow patients to decrease or no longer need to inject insulin to keep their blood levels under proper control.

So another week of more trials, but you never know one just may work. If not for me but I would like to think for the children who are being diagnosed now there is hope that they will not need to inject everyday.

There is also a guest blog this week about losing weight through hypnotherapy. You all know I am a strong believer in eating healthily especially if you need to shed those extra pounds. However I do appreciate some people can find this hard and may not be able to achieve what they want through diet alone. Some people do use alternative methods – this is the reason for the guest blog to inform you of one of those methods. Hope you enjoy.