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News Roundup 23/7/11

A couple of interesting articles this week about Ramadan & reversing type 2.

Ramadam starts next weekend and its a bit early this year which means a whopping 17 hours of sunshine, in an article from the BBC Dr Vinod Patel, of Nuneaton’s George Eliot Hospital, spoke of a “very large problem” of managing diabetes medication during fasting.

The date of Ramadan is determined by the Islamic lunar calendar and each year its dates move, so 2011 is exceptional for having the whole of the fasting period during August in Britain.

Dr Patel said: “It can be a very large problem. In 17 hours of fasting with certain drugs that we use, for example, the dosages have to be changed, the timings have to be changed so that our patients who are observing Ramadan don’t end up with problems such as low blood pressure and fainting.”

So for those of you who are fasting please take care.

Another article about how we can reverse our diabetes was published this week. This one is about reversing type 2 diabetes, read the full article here, this does sound feasible however it will only work for people who have type 2 due to weight gain. This will require hard work and am not sure many people would be able to live on a liquid diet in everyday life!

What it does suggest is if we can stop the UK’s obesity problem then type 2 should reduce.