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On my way to a pump!

After looking at the AccuChek combo last weekend I did manage to get an appointment to see my DSN – which was really good of her at short notice.

She thought that pump therapy would be great for me. As I will not misunderstand and think my diabetes will go away but I will use the pump to the best of its ability. She agreed that if I am thinking about another baby then the risk of nigh hypos in not good. She has completed the forms for the funding and the next step is to meet with a nurse from Roche to have a go – my DSN thinks that I should have my own within three months.

I am really excited and am pleased I am now a pump convert!

This is the pump I am going for Accu-Chek Comb. I think different PCT’s have affiliations with different manufacturers. I am pleased that my DSN uses this for her patients as this is the one I tried.

Will keep you updated of any progress.