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Pregnancy Diaries – Week 32

I have not posted about the pregnancy since I was 14 weeks. Second time around and it was difficult, dealing with the pregnancy, a Toddler and type 1 diabetes!

My sugars for conception were great, in the sixes, but during the pregnancy they got in the high sevens!

There were small thing that happened early on like feeling sick and getting bad back pain but the beginning of the end started at 32 weeks, I contracted a chest and lung infection and to fight this the doctor had to give me steroids. This played havoc with my sugars but did get the chest infection under control, my sugars got high and I could’t control them, so at my diabetic check (I was having these every 2 weeks at this stage – I must admit I got very good care during the whole of my pregnancy) they advised I spent the night in hospital. They put me on a sliding scale, this really helped get my levels under control – and with out having the toddler running around made me feel much better. I stayed in for two nights but by the second night the sliding scale was off so I could sleep better.

I always thought that by having the insulin pump I wouldn’t benefit from the sliding scale, but it did really work. The nurse checks your levels every 4 hours and changes the insulin level accordingly. This is done for 12 hours and then your sugars are still monitored for another twelve hours. My sliding scale was on for 16 hours as I had steroid shots. The steroid shots were not for me but for the baby, as this helps to develop her lungs. So if she is born early her lungs should be developed. Obviously this then increased my sugars in the short term.

Even with all the injections I have must admit the two steroid shots did hurt but well worth it as the likely hood of a type 1 diabetic having a early baby is high. So giving her the best chance is worth the two injections.

I would also say if due to illness you are having problems keeping control of your sugars don’t panic about a sliding scale, it really does work fast.

I will write up about the rest of the pregnancy in the next couple of weeks, as the baby is now 7 weeks. There are some more ups and downs, but thought I would start from where it all started to go wrong!!!!

Until next time