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Pregnancy Diary Week 14!

It has been a horrible couple of weeks but I now feel human again!

I got an ear infection while on holiday, I have never had any problems with my ears before and can not beleive the amount of pain I was in. I went to the doctors when I got back and he gave me a spray and said I am OK to take paracetomol while pregnant. This is what I did for a whole week and the pain never went away my ear was really swollen but because it was an outer ear infection I didn’t lose my balance – I try to look at the positives!!!! After another week the doctor perscribed me antibiotics and these seem to work.

As you can imagine my sugars have been all over the place with my body trying to fight the infection, during this time I had my diabetic check up and had my Hba1C taken it had crept up to 7.2 but no suprise as they had been very erratic. Not sure I could have done anything different but I do wish I would have taken the first week off work, I think we try and do too much and we (or certainly me!) need to realise that I am pregnant and managing my diabetes so if I need to take it easier i shoud!!!! I will try and listen to my own advice over the next few weeks.

I am now 14 weeks and am even starting to show, I have been getting up in the night for the toilet – if this happens normally it means my sugars are high and I try and think if I had eaten anything before bed that may have caused it. Then because I know my body well I can take a correctional dose without even checking my levels – this has worked well pre pregancy. So last night after going to the toilet the second time I really tried hard to think what I had eaten that could have caused it but couldn’t think of anything. Luckily I didn’t give myself a correctional dose as when I woke up properly in the morning my levels were normal and it turns out that I am just going more because of the bump!!!!

Here’s to a better second trimester – I wont miss the first!!!!