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Sensational News Articles!

Diabetes is always in the news, some articles are interesting others are there to scare people! I found an article today with the headline “Stopping smoking may increase short-term diabetes risk” this was in the Guardian – surely giving up smoking is always a good thing and will be good on your long term health. I think articles like this do not help people with diabetes and certainly doesn’t help others understand! Link to article

If anyone has any other views on news articles please go onto the forum, under the Insulin and Medication section.

I have been on my own this week for the first time with the baby as my Husband is now back at work, I have been able to get into a better routine. I have had less hypos this week, but they are still running higher than I would like. I am getting a lot of readings of 8 and 9’s but at least I am being more consistent than previous weeks. It is definitely more difficult to look after my diabetes with the baby than being pregnant.

Hope everyone isn’t having too many problems with the snow. We have been in all week and are going a bit stir crazy, I might try and push the pram to the local shops today!

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