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Stage 2 of my Pump…

I have now met with the nurse from Roche to talk me through the workings of the Accu Chek Spirit Combo. To my surprise and excitement I actually left the DSN’s room with a pump! Not with insulin but its a great start.

I now have to wear for about a week with saline in, but test my sugars and administer as if it was insulin. There are two drawbacks to this:
1. I feel like I am giving myself insulin twice (when I’m not)
2. I have actually forgotten to take my insulin as I think I have done it!!

How bad am I? I have already gotten used to it and have to jump out of bed at night saying I have forgotten my nighttime insulin!!!

The nurse went through the workings of the pump really well, but it did look as if there was a lot to remember but once you have changed your cannula once it gets better. I have also now managed to set a reminder that goes off every three days so I do remember to change the cannula and tubing. I have drawn up my first tube of saline and was really interested in what the nurse said about the bubbles. The first was that the reason we need to get rid of the bubbles is so we do not lose out on any insulin, if a bubble is in the insulin then it will only pump air for a certain amount of time, depending on how big the bubble would depend on how much insulin you miss out on. This could really affect your sugar levels. Also you shouldn’t get as many bubbles in insulin as you do in the saline as long as you draw it up gently!

My main fear was turning round in my sleep and pulling the pump out but I have been very comfortable in bed and haven’t even noticed it during the day.

If it carries on going well I should get insulin next week. It still early days but things seem to be good.

Will keep you all posted.