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Supplies of Apidra insulin

Supplies of Apidra insulin – for those who have not heard:

Sanofi aventis, the company which makes a form of insulin called Apidra (insulin glulisine), have had a production problem at their factory. This has meant that the usual supplies of this insulin have not been manufactured. As a result of this some patients may have a problem obtaining supplies of Apidra. Sanofi aventis has solved the problem, but it is likely to be December before normal supply is resumed.
What to do if you use Apidra insulin?
If you do use Apidra Insulin, sanofi aventis has asked for you to take the below steps.
• To help make sure that as many patients as possible can obtain the medicines they need, please don’t ask your doctor or nurse for a new prescription of Apidra until you are reaching the end of your own supply.
• When you have a prescription, take this to the pharmacy as you usually do. Your pharmacist will do everything they can to fulfil your prescription. If this is not possible, your pharmacist will speak to your doctor to let them know that your usual insulin is not available. Your doctor or nurse will then look at what other insulin may be suitable for you as a temporary measure until Apidra is available again. Your pharmacist might be able to supply this after speaking with the doctor, or they might ask you to go back to see your doctor before a choice is made.
If you still need more information, sanofi aventis has a 24 hour-a-day Patient Support Line. The Support Line will be able to help with any questions you may have, and will have up-to-date information as to when Apidra will be available again. The phone number for the Patient Support Line is: 0845 606 6887