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Too Much TV

It’s official I am watching too much day time TV! Since the arrival of Baby Steel my morning ritual consists of bringing him down for about 5:30 and switching the TV on channel 3. At first I was far too busy to even watch it however as the weeks have gone on Baby S can amuse himself on his mat for longer so I now watch GMTV, Jeremy Kyle and This Morning (obviously while still doing housework etc!). I know I am watching too much as I am really interested in Jeremy Kyle, yesterday angered me as a young lad was on there for paternity test and he said he couldn’t work as he was diabetic and had to inject himself 4 times a day!!! If all diabetics didn’t work and took benefit the country would come to a stand still! It’s a shame he was using this as an excuse on national TV as this is why people get confused about diabetes and think we can’t do certain things – he used it as an excuse and I am sure if it wasn’t diabetes he would have found something else.

There are certain jobs that people with insulin dependant diabetes may be excluded from. These include:

· armed forces
· airline pilot
· a job that needs a large goods vehicle (over 7.5 tonnes) or any large passenger carrying licence
· driving a train or working track-side
· cab or taxi licences – some local authorities still operate blanket bans.

So even though some people may not be able to pursue their dream job there is something out there for everyone. I know it’s easy for me to say as I never dreamt about being in the army but there are many people out there who can not do their dream job because of one reason or another, so again the message is don’t let diabetes affect you, even if you need to re think your career choice!

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