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Week 11 – Pin Cushion!

I have had many responses to the Article in the MEN/Metro, thank you to everyone who took the time to read the article and write to me. Also welcome to all new users to the site there has been lots of you this week, if anyone has a recipe or a story to share please email me.


I am now 26 weeks pregnant and very much look like it! I have a big bump and I can not walk far without my back hurting. My insulin requirements have most definitely increased and have felt this week  a bit like a pin cushion! I really can not eat a single thing without taking insulin. I have increased from 18 units at night to 22, if you remember earlier on in the pregnancy I stated to take extra long term in the morning as well I have now increased this to 6. My carb to insulin ratio before pregnancy was 10 it is now about 8. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next weeks, I will let you know how my insulin regime changes.


I have started to make friends on facebook so remember to add me as a friend – search for Sarah Steel in Altrincham.


Until next week x