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Week 12 – 19lb baby!!

We have updated the forum this week, this is to make it better. However due to this update we have lost the post we already had. So please go on the forum and ask any question that’s on your mind. There will be no more changes so no data will be lost.


My Mum rang me yesterday to tell me about a diabetic woman in Indonesia who has just given birth to a 19lb baby!!! I was in a bit of shock, but I would hope the English NHS wouldn’t let me get that far. It’s certainly a reminder as to why to keep your glucose levels under control.


My insulin requirements went up again this week and I am now taking about 8 in the morning, 10 with lunch and 12 with dinner. I am also taking 22 at night time and 6 slow releasing in the morning. I really can not eat anything without my sugars going up. I had a diabetic check up and my HbA1c remained at 7.1, so it looks like I am changing my insulin requirements quickly enough. To try and get them in the sixes I am going to try and increase the long term in the morning to 8 and see what happens.


Please enjoy the updated forum and ask a question today, get the forum started!


Until next week x