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Week 13 – Diabetic Baby!

I had a 28 week scan today and the baby is on the heavy side. Baby is on the big line, so at least it’s not over the line! Not sure what else I can do to ensure the baby doesn’t grow too big, hopefully my HbA1c will be below 7 next time, I will carry on eating healthy. The main thing though is the baby looks healthy.


If you have any information or advice on pregnancy please share it on the forum or by submitting your story.


I am going to the Manchester Diabetic Concern on Saturday at Bolton so I will let you know what information I find out.


We were sorting out the house for the new arrival at the weekend and forgot how exercise can affect my glucose levels. Just remember house work is a great way of getting some exercise but remember this will affect your levels – in a good way!


Thanks to everyone who is visiting the site we now need to get the forum underway so please start asking questions or even start by introducing yourself. This will help other diabetics.


Until next week x