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Week 15 – 4lb and growing!

We had a 30 week scan today and baby Steel is already just over 4lb which means it’s on target for about 10lb! I’m sure it could be worse but that’s larger than the turkey we’ve ordered for Christmas!!!!! My insulin requirements are still changing, but it has been really difficult this week as my sugars were running high having a unit of insulin per 6 grams of carbs, so I changed to 5 grams of carbs but started to get a few hypos – so I must be in between!!!! I will have to keep a good track on what I am eating to ensure I get this right.


The consultant said if my insulin requirements drop then I must let her know as it means the placenta is not working properly which is unhealthy for the baby – so again I will be keeping a close eye on this.


Thank you to everybody who has started to use the forum, once this gets going it will be great support for everyone.


Until next week x