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Week 16 – Spending my Life in Hospitals!

I had a diabetic check up and even though my insulin requirements have changed looks like I have kept them at a reasonable level as my HbA1c was still 7.0. I know I want them in the sixes but keeping an eye on the change in requirements in pregnancy is quite hard – so I am happy with the result.


The consultant gave me an insulin pen that gives half units so this should help me with control.


I was at the hospital last night as Baby Steel had not moved for a few days and had dropped quite far down, they put a heartbeat monitor on the baby and after 4 hours decided that the baby was moving healthily. I still had to go for a scan today to look at how much water was surrounding the baby, this is higher than normal. This can cause the baby to come early but is quite common with diabetics so nothing to worry about, this extra water is the reason I can not feel the baby move.


Until next week x