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Week 17 – 5.3lb and growing!!!

Another scan this week revealed a 5.3lb baby Steel already, I am now 32 weeks and the baby gains most weight in the next 7 weeks. I think with the weight and excess water the doctor decided we should put a date in for a c-section. This is for week 38, it’s quite nice to know that the baby will be here no matter what on 11th December. I would like a natural birth, there’s still a slim chance…


I have kept my diabetes in check so you never now this may have happened even if I was a none diabetic – remember there are plenty of diabetic woman who have natural births. I still might be one of them, fingers crossed, I will let you know.


My insulin requirements have stayed the same this week so it has been nice having a bit of consistency.


We did some Christmas shopping this week I forgot how much exercise this involves, especially with the extra weight! My sugars did go a bit low half way through shopping, I had my glucose tablets with me – just remember at this busy shopping time to keep something with you, you don’t realise how much exercise you are doing.

Until next week x