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Week 20

Welcome to all the fans on facebook and new members to the site – the forum is beginning to be used. It’s great to see you all sharing your own experiences.


There are many people who ask me about insulin pumps not just on the website but friends and family as well, someone gave me the following link which is an interesting article on pumps – I thought I would share it with you all


My insulin requirements have stayed the same however I have had a few low readings this week I think just doing the normal things like walking to the shops is taking it’s toll now I am 35 weeks pregnant. It’s like a little stroll has become a hike in the park! I finish work next week so I should be able to start taking things easier from next week.


Sleep has also become hard, I think I am getting a few hours a night but because I seem not to be able to sleep for longer than an hour it feels like I am getting none. I think it’s my body getting me used to motherhood and no sleep!


I plan to finish Christmas shopping this weekend – so wish me luck.


Until next week x