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Week 21 – Only 2 weeks til D Day!

I went for a 36 week scan yesterday and baby Steel has slowed down on the weight front and now stands at a hearty 8lb! Only two weeks to go, we went through the reasons for the c-section again. It’s not just the weight of the baby it’s because diabetics are prone to baby’s with larger shoulders and therefore they can get distressed when coming naturally, and due to some of the measurement of baby Steel it will be wise to opt for the c-section.


I finished work yesterday so hopefully will start to feel the benefit of some rest! It was very strange leaving but I did get some really nice pressies for me and the baby – thank you to everyone.


I have had a few more hypos this week but I think it’s the fact I am eating a little less rather than my insulin ratio changing. I did mention it to my consultant who just asked me to keep an eye on it as if my insulin ratio reduces it means the placenta is taking too much sugar and that’s isn’t good. So I will make sure I make a note of what I am eating and my sugar levels on my on line diary.


I did go Christmas shopping over the weekend and felt as if I had climbed a mountain it was very tiring but I am so pleased I have got it over and done with. I did have to stop at one point and take some lucozade sweets to get my sugars up so remember shopping can be a lot of exercise so ensure you take you hypo stoppers with you.


Until next week x