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Week 4

For those of you who didn’t watch Channel M yesterday I am trying to get a copy to put on the site, so watch this space! It was really good talking about diabetes but I could have talked for longer, may be on the next one!

I have been to see the diabetic specialist this week at the antenatal diabetic clinic. I did however feel a bit of a fraud as there was me with my little bump and all the other mums to be were, lets say a little rounder! My HbA1c had gone up to 7.3 so a little disappointing but not shocking as it has been harder to maintain. The nurse suggested I take some of my nightime insulin in the morning. I am still taking 18 units just before I go to bed and am waking up with levels of about 5 so I do not want to increase this again and risk having early morning hypos. So the idea of taking a couple of units in the morning sounds interesting, she said this would just give me a helping hand during the day.

I will report back on how this extra injection has helped, but fingers crossed. I started on 3 units this morning she said try between 2 and 4 units so I will continue to experiment.

If anyone saw the interview yesterday please let me know what you thought.

Until next week x