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Week 3

My husband went to give blood this week and even though I knew I was not able to give blood I asked if I could. The senior nurse explained why there is a blanket no for diabetics giving blood. It’s not because of the blood being high in glucose it’s a safety precaution for you. Because they take so much blood there is a chance of having a severe hypo, this is because the amount of insulin as a ratio in your blood is higher. They are continually looking at this area, and maybe one day if you do have good control you might be able to give blood.


I am now looking very pregnant and can’t fit into my clothes; I’m now in maternity wear! I had the worse hypo I have ever had the other day, my levels got to 1.2, the main shock was it happened so quickly. Normally I get warning signs at about 4, the pregnancy has definitely made my highs and low worse. I had ran out of glucose tablets but luckily enough I was at someone’s house. It is vital especially when pregnant to ensure you have your hypo stoppers with you.


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