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Week 5

A big hello to any new visitors I do know some GP’s are now displaying a poster for diabeticfriend in their surgery and clinics, thank you to all of you.


I started taking extra night time insulin in the morning last week to try and get my HbA1c down as it is getting harder as the pregnancy progresses. This new regime seems great, as I am still taking my normal night time amount I am not becoming hypo in the night but I am getting steady levels during the day. I will have to wait until the end of August to see if my HbA1c has come down – I will let you know.


I had my 20 week scan this week, it was amazing seeing the baby move on screen. The consultant confirmed due to being type 1 they will aim to deliver the baby at 38 weeks. I quite like this as my friend who is being induced today is nearly 42 weeks, not sure I would like to go that far! The consultant also said I need scans every two weeks from 28 weeks this is to monitor the babies growth. At least I get more pictures.


Until next week x